How I Stopped Crying. 

I am a woman, fierce and strong, with an opinion about everything. 

I have a silly sense of humor, and laugh 99% of the time, of every single day. In short, I’m just a happy spirit. 

But let’s get to those moments where I can’t laugh. Those moments when all I can do is ball my eyes out and let my soul pour out. 

Through my journey of life, I’ve reached some patches where I hit what felt like rock bottom. Those raw times when you want to curl up into a ball and disappear. 

In one of those moments a few years ago, I decided I needed to evaluate my situation. 

Is this a pattern? Yes it was, however, not an often occurrence. What did I do when I was in this place? I sought refuge in who ever was closest to me. I ran to someone, believing a person could help me get over what ever difficulty I was facing. 

At the time I felt weak. I saw this deep longing to take back control and have power over myself. That was the very first step. The realization that I needed help, but, not from anyone else. I needed to help myself. 

Today I look back at that moment and feel like giving myself a big fat hug. By taking that very first step, and being honestly blunt with myself, I was able to regain control. 

Whenever I faced hardship from then on, I dealt with it from within first. My first point of relief was no longer another person. No knight in shinning armour. No best friends shoulder. No family member.

Just me. 

I challenge you to try this. When you are in a dark place, and you find yourself unable to stop the tears, cry. Let it out, but when you’re done, tell yourself that it is over. Don’t allow anything or anyone to re-open that wound again. 

Mind over Emotions. 

Ask yourself questions. Search your own heart for a solution. Take refuge in your Maker. Don’t make your problems everyone else’s problems. Do not run to another person – You really don’t need validation from another human being. And no one needs to know your business. 

People who truly care about you will hold you accountable to whatever it is they deem fit, but other than that, keep dependency on others limited. 

If you run to others when you are weak, you might get some great advice. You might get some poor advice. But at the end of the day, whatever choice you make based on someone else’s opinion, only you will have to live with. 

Wipe away those tears, and get over it. 

Put on your big kid pants.  

Believe in yourself. 

Trust yourself.

Take control. 

Stop crying. 

In short, get your ish together. 

Even if the impact of this post was tiny, I hope it helps you in some way ❤️

With Love 

Ruth xx


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