Filter VS Reality

Your Filter VS My Reality

Technology and Social Media have changed the world as we know it. Gone are the days of having lunch with your friends, where no pictures are involved. No longer can we leave the house without our phones, and we now invest more money in devices to extend our battery life.

I check my Twitter 5 times a day, Facebook at least 15 times a day. Instagram a ton more haha


We are a connected generation. The world is no longer a distant place, and making friends with people across the planet is not unheard of. Just think about it, I’m pretty sure you connect with a number of people on Social Media, who do not even live in the same country as you. Some you may have not even met face to face.

With all this access to personal and not so personal aspects of our lives being shared online, a few challenges arise.

For me the biggest would be the Emotional and Mental damage I see. Caused by Discontentment and Envy. Leaving the masses broken with no self-confidence. This sounds crazy, now that I’ve actually typed out these words. But let’s unpack a few points as to why this statement is 100 % truth.

Even though we have so much, we want so much more. It’s human nature. The fine line between being success driven, and greed driven. Now my biggest problem starts with this: People are comparing their Reality, with other peoples Filtered lives. It might be a conscious thing, it might be sub-conscious. But at the end of the day it is happening.

Think about it like this. That selfie that you just posted, it looks fabulous. You look reg. You got 50 likes in 3 minutes blah blah blah. You have make up on. You added some filters. Messed around with the contrast, light, shadows, brightness, saturation, warmth, fade (sjoe, its a lot hey! Hahaha). You get the picture!


Now Jane Doe sees your picture on her newsfeed. She’s chilling on her couch in her pj’s. Has no make-up on. Her hair is tied up in a bun. She just had a Big Mac for dinner. She’s either going to like your picture because she likes you, and is happy that you’re looking and feeling great. Or she is going to scroll past you, because you’ve just made her feel inferior. Made her envious of your hair and your fancy salad (we read the hashtags! lol). She doesnt think about the way you filtered that picture. Or how you staged it, to make it appear more than what it actually is.

So we find our first type of discontentment as Material and Financial.

It doesn’t just stop there though. One of the other huge role players I see is Relational Discontentment. We see all of these fabulous couples sucking face all over facebook. And you are either forever alone, or in a shitty relationship. Unsatisfied now with your partner, and comparing your reality, to the filter that people chose to let you see.

Lastly I would say Circumstantial Discontentment would be the final player. You see someone else’s life, and you wish that you were at that point in your life as well. You feel as though you are not where you would want to be as yet. Looking at the now, and not acknowledging the journey. We completely disregard the sacrifice and challenges that people had to endure to get where they are.

So this all seems gloomy and probably made you feel guilty of some of these things, at some point in your life. Relax! I’m not going to Roast you 😛 haha

How can this change?

By being content with who we are, with what we have, and with where we are. I have found that the secret to contentment is not found in what I have and what I own, but rather is found in where my Identity is rooted.

Get to know yourself. Start being thankful for every blessing. No matter how small. Until we get this heart of gratitude, we will never be satisfied. Always coveting, and searching for more.

Let us begin to celebrate the success of others. Once you start being genuinely happy for other peoples success, it will purify your motives.

When we cant celebrate what God is doing for others, we limit what God is doing for us.

I once read somewhere that ‘Envy is resenting God’s goodness in other people’s lives, and ignoring Gods goodness in our own lives’.

Be confident in who you are, and the world will literally be YOURS.

Dala what you must – Do what you must.

Ruth xx



2 thoughts on “Filter VS Reality

  1. The watcher says:

    I think you are on the money on this one. our daughters mainly fall prey to this and as I walk in the mall and see the next generation all of 14years old and looking like a instagram wallpaper, it saddens me that the new wardrobe dictator is some random trust fund baby on social media and then my daughter not understanding the struggle of the other person behind the filter expects exactly that.


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