An Open Letter to Zarah Perry

To the Blogger who Broke our (actually, her own), Internet.

So you have no idea who I am… but please allow me, as one of the countless people who unfollowed you on Every. Single. Platform… to share something with you.

Oh, fun fact for the day – I am a Born Again CHRISTIAN.

Anyhoo, lets get started shall we 🙂

I’ve been following you, and reading your blog for quite some time now. I’m not going to bash every single one of your posts, just because this one was HORRIFIC. But, lets talk about that HORRIFIC one for a minute.

So I saw the link to your ‘Hunger Games’ post on Facebook. A friend of mine had posted it, with the caption ‘speechless! Sit on your salaah mat and not on the internet judging people’. I read your post a first time… and had to read it again, just to make sure that my head wasn’t playing crazy tricks on me, and that a blogger who is followed by thousands of people just slapped ALL of her readers in the face.

Zarah, after I had taken in all that you had said, I felt so sad. For you. You say that you are not here to judge anyone, and that everyone is judging you… but honey… you just threw an entire community under the bus.

Community is a crazy thing. Kinda like a love hate relationship, where we always striving to latch on to the love, and down play the hate. Not vice versa. People reach out to you, because they CARE, for YOU. Let me just say that again. They CARE for YOU. Your neighbours bringing you burnt pancakes… they brought you something to share with you. Is it really that hard to eat a burnt pancake, and be grateful. Is this month not about fasting, so that you can be mindful of those who have NOTHING to eat?

Community is embracing those around you. It is Not judging everyone, but rather attempting to understand them. We most definitely do not live in a perfect community. The city we share is full of every kind of bad in the world. But it also has every kind of good.

You see the very things that you are bashing these Muslim people for… Christian people do too. Hindu people do it too. PEOPLE do it. Human beings all sin. No sin is greater than the other. If we bashed each other every time someone sinned, our world would be as bitter as your post.

Your post left me with the sour taste in my mouth. You have an issue with every aspect of your very own culture and religion. And over all you just seem lost. Lost with your identity. Lost with your faith. Lost with your lack of respect for other human beings. Lost with your selfishness. Lost with your superficial life. Lost with your imaginary celebrity status.

Delusional. Rude. Disrespectful. CONTRADICTORY. Four words that ring true to your post.

I mean, you are speaking about traditions and hypocrisy, and out of nowhere, you throw in ‘Oh and if you are reading this, never ever ask me on a date – I am 1, taken and 2 despite your fickle wooing attempts and acknowledgement of my 10 tinder dates for a social experiment, I don’t date clowns’.

WOW. Where did that come from? How do these topics correlate?? I have this sad feeling, that you are misinterpreting guys/men BEING NICE to you, as trying to get with you (using your neighbour scenario as my foundation for that assumption). Delusional

‘And my social feeds are filled with who’s wearing what for Eid’. Really?? You have a fashion blog. You post what you wear daily. Are us mere mortals not allowed to share in social media? What makes your daily #OOTD so much more valued than someone else’s? It doesn’t. As I’m sitting here writing this, I can’t help but get upset all over again. This kind of reminds me of mean girls. You are a mean girl, and your blog is your burn book. Is it then such a shocker that people don’t like you, judge you, and look at you like they saw Casper. Come on Zarah, we are not in high school. Rude

‘High -five to you for trying to either please mum and dad this month, cleanse, lose weight, do it because your friends are doing it or do it for the right reasons’. Again… WOW!!!!!! Disrespectful

Your disclaimer? Flat out CONTRADICTORY.

After all is said and done, the one I feel most sad for is your mother. You know how you just painted everyone with the same brush? People are going to do that to your family. And that is horrible. I think you completely misinterpreted your mothers message to you. She asked you to add to your disclaimer that you do not implicate her or your family.

Parents who are present in our lives, supportive and encouraging (as your mother is), are such beautiful gifts from God. If there was anything I would want to leave you with, it is Grace.

People saw it fit to be gracious toward you, not because you deserve it. In fact, they have shown you Grace, despite what you deserve. Because who are we to decide what the next person deserves. The thing about trying to walk the straight and narrow, is that we fail miserably daily. Don’t you think that you could Be the Change to each one of these ‘problems’ you have complained about? You have (had), so many readers, imagine how much change you could have brought through with an encouraging word, instead of a rant of this nature.

You are beautiful. Do not taint that with an ugly heart.

Show some Compassion.

Love a Little.

Be Kind.

Have Grace for Others.

Stop with the all the Shade Throwing.

And lastly, as much as you say that you have chosen your own path, and make your own decisions… Accept that other people too, are doing the very same thing.

“If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see.”
― Henry David Thoreau

With Love.

Ruth xx


41 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Zarah Perry

  1. Aneesa says:

    Well said. Lots of people have been sharing and responding the horrific post. Ladies that have blogs should be mindful of the youth that follow them and what is taken from a mere post or photo. No matter if you follow a specific religion or not, judging should be the last of anyone’s worries as each and every individual that crosses paths are facing their own battles. This month is usually a turning point for many so stop hating and leave people be. I love your response.

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    • Rugaya says:

      I totally agree. I had too many thoughts on her blog and then felt it just not necessary to respond . I too make dua that she will receive ghidayaat inshallah Ameen. I used to enjoy following her blog, but think it’s best not too in future. You know what they say birds of a feather…


  2. Ayesha says:

    This chick Perry winkle or whatever is so irrelevant and doesn’t deserve a fraction of our time! Who cares what a nobody trying to be a something thinks?

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  3. So well said, Ruth.

    I too am a born again Christian and my best friend is Muslim. Different religions are so easy to attack each other that it’s almost unfathomable as to why we would attack within our own churches/mosques/communities. We need to love, support and be humble, something that I think Zarah needs to learn.

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  4. sojourn says:

    me thinks the problem be that this girl doesnt know what world she belongs to..she is neither here nor there..she berates the followers for doing what they believe them..imho even the lost sheep deserve to be reunited with the flock..she chastises those who she doesnt have the courage to follow..those who are trying to find their way..zahrah…pick a world please…for all ur sakes

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  5. Rifat says:

    very well said, got the jist of it, although I did not get opportunity to read the blog because it looks like the website was taken down. If you have a copy of her blog, I would like to read it please.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Truth!I know Zahrah not from her blog but cause of her judgemental gossıpıng ways and creatıng trouble ın marrıed peoples lıves as well as mine numerous times. The ımage she puts on her blog ıs nothıng compare to who she ıs but fınally she exposed her true colors. You are spot on and I hope she reads this and gets a reality check because she is so lost beyond words, ugly inside and out (without all the make up )


  7. Imaan says:

    Saw her with the liquor numerous times such a sham that she is a huge bullshitter yet she claims ‘I don’t drink or smoke’ pity actually since I loved her blog. Not that anyone cares but be real while trying to climb a local blog ladder. Get off your the horse love.
    Again from the girl who drinks and ain’t ashamed to say it.


  8. Booboo says:

    I believe there is a part two. Could i say.. “Oh it was a social experiment”?

    Whatever it may be…. Sometimes we all need to take a step back and re-evaluate our own actions. Hopefully this has been hers… Hopefully she has realised that value of positive re-enforcement as compared to being so bleak about her community – whichever one that may be…..

    As for her followers… Every zuma needs a Julius….

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  9. Mishqa Jakoet says:

    I am a Muslim,
    And when I read the blog post ( I don’t follow her on any socail media) do my friends told me to go and read this post.

    I was more shocked than angry or sad but later I realized she doesn’t know who she is, she thinks she’s built a name for herself and that’s it she’s made it in life! Doesn’t work like that.
    I’m not perfect I sin and make mistakes all the time and we as Muslims are taught to repent and ask for forgiveness every single day.
    So for you Zarah to be as influential as you may seem why not use your plateform to inspire people during this month to do good and only but try to become a better Muslim as shall you. Try and dress appropriately, stay away from the things in Islam that is deemed wrong. BUT instead you chose to express your true opinion about this Holy month may Allah forgive you for taking away, those people who follow you dearly, their motivation to become better Muslims this month. You now used your influential name and face to bash the Muslim community. Well done Zarah Perry.

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  10. anonymous says:

    zahrah needs to realise that every1 answers for their own sins ….and even though she states she is not judging she is …..why even post something that irralevent…just remember love one day if u die u go six feet under with nothing not even that clothing u model in and paint u put on ur face ….ur comments and opinions just shows how narrow minded and self involved u r ….try doing something good and meaningful with ur life instead of judging … maybe u have a low self esteem thats y u find the need to dressup and upload pictures of urself and ur outfits ,awaiting the comments that u look good to actually make u feel better … this holy month try something!….try bettering yourself and instead of going thursday nights to clubs y dnt u rather visit a homeless shelter or something then ul actually appreciate wat u have and focus on ur life other than watchn and judging the next person …i dnt no if u muslim or what bt if u are put ur head on ur moeslah and ur views will change


  11. Mymona says:

    Well said Ruth you honestly covered what every other religion would or could have said. I can only feel sad for Zarah as she honestly is a lost soul and all we can do is pray the Almighty guide her.

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  12. Well said, Ruth. I’m glad someone from a neutral standpoint was able to say these things because anyone from within the community saying it would just have been disregarded and deemed as “hate”

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  13. Anon says:

    She doesn’t drink but she’s got pics of her doing wine tasting and she does drugs at trance parties!!
    And when it comes to Eid she’s the first to post her outfit!!!


  14. Anon says:

    Thanks for this response. The fact that she referred to ramadaan as “The hunger games” infuriated me. I have met her before and now I can say for sure that she is arrogant and childish. I will no longer be following her on any platform and I sincerely hope that young, impressionable girls do not look to her as a role model. Her attempt at status is just pathetic!


  15. Azraa says:

    All I can say is Shame.
    #WannaBeStyle ICoN
    #WannaBe FashionIsta

    Honey you need a REALity Check Asap,Cos clearly you’re not worth the Interest.:)


  16. Kauthar says:

    I haven’t heard of her either… Until now. My Facebook feeds are filled with comments about her “Hunger Games” blog.
    I take my hat off to you Ruth. I’m sure if she reads this she’ll understand how wrong she was to post this in the first place.

    “undoubtedly, those who fear their Lord unseen, for them is forgiveness and great reward”

    If you do fear your Lord, then this judgmental traits of yours should be non-existent. Zahrah dear, be an example to the community, instead of voicing your “opinions” by belittling others.

    I will keep you in my prayers, coz you are in need of many.


  17. Kakisthis says:

    Ruth, stop being an attention seeker. Prove her wrong and then start talking, otherwise don’t say anything. You are so out of touch with the Gospel.


  18. Glamour Boy 25 says:

    I’m just reading up on this now, Perry Book made a fatal mistake which cannot be erased she built a successful blog and almost ruined it completely in one post. Ruth I could not have word it better, take my hat off to you. Best response read.

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  19. Wardah says:

    Well said Ruth… So sad for Zahrah and even her mother and brother!… I have met her mother and never knew she was muslim. Let’s make dua for all of them. May Allah guide their hearts.


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