The Earthling Challenge

First post for 2015 😁😁 yay!! Haha

The start of this blog was SO awesome. I had so many great responses, and the first two posts lead to so many amazing conversations #greatsuccess 😜💃😊 All of which made me think about a couple of things. 

 I had some crazy conversations about life and love, and just about everything  in between, with some people I don’t even know from a bar of soap 🙈 

Some people felt comfortable talking about certain things, which I kinda felt as though they didn’t even speak about to people closest to them. This made me think about my own life, and relationships I have. And, sadly, the same can be said for me 👀🙊

I would feel comfortable sharing all areas of my life with some, and the bare minimum with others. Why? People just cannot be trusted. 

Often we spend so much of our time investing in relationships that are not fruitful.

I know my generation is getting older now, and time is something we now value. So why waste it on people who would not spend a moment for you. 

Scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feeds… And it’s just flooded with fake friendships. 

Yall been friends for a whole week, but your caption says ‘Day 1 Nigga’….. Whatttttttttt? 😳 😒 🙏 *says a prayer for your soul*

You and your bestie had a fall out, and the entire situation is pasted all over Facebook, and Yall are disrespecting each other 😒✋ take a seat 👉 \_

Your friend broke up with her boyfriend, and look at that… He’s now your boyfriend. Ek Kannie dealie 😒🙈 👊 (that’s a punch. Not a pound)

 What are we missing? Could it be that it’s not necessarily a problem with everyone else, but that we ourselves have a problem?

 I hear so many people talking about needing to find new friends, or bad mouthing and complaining about the old ones. I’m pretty certain that you have made new friends, and those friendships have the same atmosphere as your old ones. 

If change is what you need, perhaps a different approach is needed. Forget the ‘post your very first profile picture challenge’… Here’s one that I think we can all benefit from. 

Let’s challenge each other to be better human beings. 

Let’s challenge each other to make a difference. 

To do something for someone other than ourselves. 

To do things for people, that would not mean a gain for you, or for me.

 To care more. To trust more. To love without limits. 

To hold information in CONFIDENCE. 

To show more Grace.

 Yoh. For the past few weeks I have been stuck on this concept of grace. 


Grace is saying that even though you don’t deserve anything, you have been given everything. Grace is saying, with all that you have done, you don’t deserve happiness. BUT GRACE…. BUT GRACE, gives you eternal joy.

Once you realize how much you do not deserve all you have been given, THEN you will realize how blessed you are. Let us be people who show others grace. Who bless without hesitation. And really, truly, honestly are friends who can be counted on in the brightest and darkest days. 

Searching for someone who you can count on? Be a person who can be counted on. Let us build up relationships that generations to follow can literally follow!

Have a problem with someone? Call them. Phone them. Tell them how you feel. This is something I struggle with (yes me lol) . I can easily talk about something not gelling with me, with someone I don’t really have a bond with. But let someone I care about mess up (or even let me mess up)… I would avoid the situation like the plague. 

For me, change really came with understanding that nothing will change if I just say I’m going to make a change. I literally had to go about changing myself. Working slowly on those things that formed the negative and dark side of me (don’t front, we all have this 😶 😈✋)

The trick is to be okay with making mistakes. Just don’t give up when it happens. And do not. I repeattttttttttt. Do not, make as though it didn’t happen 🙈

There comes a time when you hit rock bottom. Where you’ve made countless mistakes, and you have no faith in yourself. Maybe you’ve never experienced that, and I’m the only one who has ever messed up 🙆 For me, I was able to get back up after failing miserably – entirely because I put all trust and faith back where it should have been all along. If it had not been for God, man…… There would be no post to read today. There would be no me alive today! #SavedByAmazingGrace

Anyhooooooooo, before I get in and start testifying up in this place haha 😁🙏 🙋…..

Challenge given. Challenge accepted? 

Let me know your thoughts, and more so, how you are challenged to be a better earthling 😜👽✊

Ruth ❤️ 

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3 thoughts on “The Earthling Challenge

  1. nawaal adams says:

    I love love love this and i couldn’t agree more. Im that 1 person that speaks my mind and will make you feel so uncomfortable by the amount of info i share although most of the things i tell my girls i wouldn’t dare telling my family or sometimes my husband for that matter so my dear ….. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED !!!!!!!


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