So after getting everyone all excited about the start of this blog….. I’ve decided for this blog post I’d like to share a thought with you.

I am 24 years old, and single. #BOOM 😄😜😎😏😈🙊💃🙏👊 hahaha


My parents have this crazy love story, I’ll give you a brief over view. Mom and dad met at a mutual friends church. Within 65 DAYS of that day, wait for it…… They were married! ( Remember this was during Apartheid – and they are from different ethnicities )


On their first date, dad asked mom to marry him. Crazy right! Many would say a marriage like that won’t last. I am a product of this and can be witness to the fact that, it is one the best examples I can find, of a grounded marriage.

I was chatting to a few friends at work, and they asked me about what my likes and dislikes are. Asking all of these questions, in the hopes of figuring out what my ‘type’ is. That conversation ended in them saying that I am way too picky! Haha


Let me get to the point.

My parents got married at 24 and 25. I am there, and not even a prospect of marriage in sight.

What scared me most, was that many my age tend to settle and grab the first ‘compatible’ person they find. I cringe at the thoughts of being that person 😭🙈 Can I share my thought on this with you?

My journey thus far has allowed me to get to know myself. I enjoy my own company. I am not scared of being alone ( just got a flash of the forever alone meme hahaha ), but no, that does not scare me. I have this belief, which I would like you to take into context when reading:

I am a great person, and history has proven that I could be ‘compatible’ with almost any type of person. And so because I do not wish to settle, the person I decide to marry, needs to really be God ordained. It needs to be an extraordinary, mind blowing, you leave me speechless, crazy love. Basically an Indian movie romance Hahaha ( secretly in love with Shahrukh Khan 😍😭😩🙏😂 ).

I cannot be with someone just because they want to be with me.

I have found on my journey that is it far more challenging to remain single, than it is to be in a relationship.

We are all human, and love is a drug that we all crave. But to resist this drug, takes great courage and strength.

I have found that I would much rather be alone, than be with someone who my heart is not sold out for. We can love many, and care about many, and be compatible with countless… But if the time is not right, and the person is not the right one either, the cracks will soon appear.

Being with someone that you know you wouldn’t marry, or commit to, doesn’t just damage you. It damages them too.

I have no idea how to tell if someone is ‘the one’. But I know The Man upstairs will show me 😊

You don’t need to know what your type is. Just make sure you are clear with yourself on what is not your type. And do not compromise that.


I really dislike the saying, ‘waiting for the one’. When I hear it, I picture an old woman sitting in front of the tv, knitting her hundredth scarf, waiting 😂😂😂 nÊe man!

Yes, I get the context and fully agree. However, I’d like to believe that I am living, and not just sitting around waiting. You need to have a life outside of a relationship. And you need to have Your Own identity.


Don’t be that person that becomes who ever they are dating. Don’t be that person who has no friends, and cannot have a conversation that does not consist of relationship related content.

In short – get a life.

Be content in your singleness.

Be a good friend.

Have a compassionate heart.

Do not settle.

Remember that YOU are amazing.

You deserve someone equally amazing.


Do not allow the opinions of others to filter into the way you make decisions. You and only you will have to live with the outcome.

Do everything you always wanted to, NOW.

Family should always come first.




❤ī¸ Ruth


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