New Starts

So the first post is finally here! I figured that everyone is most probably wondering what this blog is all about, and who I am….. So journey with me as I share with you 😊

My name is Ruth Joy Chetty, a 24 year old young woman, who is passionate about almost everything (early mornings not one of them).


I am the daughter of two amazing people. My father is Lazarus Chetty, a Pastor in the Full Gospel Church of God, a Missionary, a Sound Engineer, Business man, and just all round hilarious Indian ou.

My mother is Joy Chetty, also a Pastor, National and International Director of Partners in Serving Nations, Board of Trustees member for Radio CCFM, and also I would say, my sane parent haha

I have one brother, Jean-Paul Chetty. He just turned 23 years old, and is pretty inspiring. Jp gave a year of his life, after high school, to serve on a youth mission team. After which he went into the family business of Sound and Lighting. He then went out on his own and started a company called JPL Solutions. He currently lives in Johannesburg, and works full time as a Studio and Live Sound Engineer.


Now you know the people I come from, let me share abit more about who I am 😊

I grew up being one of the guys. Playing cricket and soccer with my brother, fishing with my dad, and losing my mind in the forests when we went on our Saturday morning hikes. The girly stuff came into being in my senior year at high school (late bloomer, I know lol).

Sport drove me, and later music filled me. I love adventure, and usually do the craziest things on the spur of the moment. Carpe Diem, Seize the Day!

I ooze creativity. Whether it be in my music, my nail art, my mehndi, or my art, the creative soul is always present.


I’m a foodie haha and you can expect to see many munchie posts 😛

I aim to highlight beautiful things that I stumble upon. Beautiful music and people, animals and nature, food and cities.


I have so much more to share with you, so look forward to getting to know more about me and this beautiful city I live in, in posts to come.

With that been said, I hope you have enjoyed your first Slice 😁😊😏😜



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